Chapter 9: How Much Does A Shed Cost?

Chapter 9: How Much Does A Shed Cost?

Sheds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. All of these affect costs in different ways. And there are many options to personalize your shed to your liking in the realm of colors and material. Here’s a basic rundown of the various options you’ll have when buying a shed from Leonard’s. This will help you view all your options and help you make the most out of your budget and situation.


This is the first thing you should decide about your shed as it will affect every other aspect of the building. There are quite a few different shape options, however, so let us quickly run through the pros and cons of them.

BARN - Wood framed buildings with gambrel shaped roofs.

Pros: Additional loft space, standard 5’ double doors, very sturdy

Cons: Wood has imperfections, requires maintenance, prone to pests and rot if bought a low wall height might be a problem

Base Price: Our Mayberry 10x16-701 starts at

A-FRAME - These buildings have “A” shaped roofs and are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials.

Pros: Great for workshops, plenty of customization, High sidewalls, plenty of additional options, priced in between a low-wall and high-wall barn

Cons: Prone to wind damage

Base Price:

LEAN-TO - These typically smaller buildings have a simple roof design, and can attach to the side of a pre-existing building. Great for simple garden storage.

Pros: Can fit in smaller areas, good water shedding

Cons: Less overall storage space

Base Price:


HIGHROCK - With just enough room for a 4 wheeler, this modified A-Frame is a great option if you need space to store handheld outdoor equipment.

Pros: Roomy interior, LP Smart Siding

Cons: Wood has imperfections, requires maintenance, and is prone to pests and rot

Base Price:

Siding Material

Siding has a massive impact on the look of your shed. And depending on the area, you live in, it may also need to be a practical decision as well. There are two primary choices for siding:


Vinyl siding is durable, customizable, and something Leonard’s has years of experience with.

Pros: Easy to wash, no need to repaint, resists moisture, many color options

Cons: Can crack or break off if hit hard, more expensive, can not be retouched


These buildings 1-inch steel tube cage makes them the first choice of commercial and government buyers alike. But are also an excellent option for homeowners

Pros: Resists moisture and insects, durable, nearly maintenance-free, cheapest option

Cons: Weaker, not good for stormy areas, not well suited for painting, many find it not as attractive, least insulation,


Wood always give off that certain rustic charm that’s hard to emulate, even if that look does come at a cost for some people it will be very worth it.

Pros: Aesthetically very appeasing, can be painted or stained

Cons: Wood needs refinishing, prone to rot, requires maintenance, overall more expensive than other siding options

Roof Material

The roofing material you choose is also a choice of practicality and aesthetic preference. You have two main choices that vary differently, and each excels and falls flat of in their own ways.



Metal roofing has come a long way and is no longer strictly associated with farming or other commercial ventures but can also work great for consumers.

Pros: Lightweight, extremely durable, long lifespan, lower long term price, fire-resistant, weather-resistant, low maintenance, many color options, friendlier to the environment

Cons: Higher upfront cost could look out of place in certain areas


This has become the standard roofing option over time, and for a good reason. Shingles excel in many ways and also have a nice style that matches many modern homes.

Pros: Cheaper short term, better for coastal locations, easy and cheaper to repair, match suburban areas

Cons: Shorter life cycle, fire concerns, holds heat, limited color options, heavier, damages easier, not eco-friendly, prone to having mildew, mold, and algae grow on it.


The floor construction on our Leonard sheds is famous. We are one of the only companies that has notched the skid floor system. Our skids are built using 4” x 6” pressure treated wood that is notched for 2” x 6” joist. The joist has bracing blocks and are nailed together using large ring-shanked nails. The floor joist are covered with Weyerhaeuser ¾ pressure treated wood.

  • Pros:
    • 50-year limited warranty
    • 200-day no-sand limited warranty
    • Down Pore self-draining technology
    • Touch-sanded face for uniform thickness
    • Precise tongue-and-groove fit
    • Every panel ships working-side up
    • No need to drill holes to let rainwater through
  • Cons:

Additional Options

Finally, we come to some of the extra bells and whistles you can add to your shed for added versatility or style. This can range from fairly simple things to more significant additions. Obviously a popular add-on is windows, allowing for more natural light in your shed and overall improving its aesthetic appeal.

Vents are also a common addition allowing for more airflow and making being in the shed more comfortable. These could almost become a necessity if you are storing certain items in your shed or plan on using it as an office or workshop, being in a shed with little airflow for a long period of time working would become uncomfortable extremely quickly.

Shelves can be used for storage and organization purposes of typically smaller items. Lofts can also provide storage for much larger items that you don’t need as often and can be kept out of the way. And finally, there is the built-in workbench. If you plan on using your shed as any sort of workshop, this will be extremely beneficial. It will save you from having to purchase and transport a separate workbench while still giving you the space you need to work on whatever projects you want.


There are clearly many things to weigh and consider when thinking about purchasing a shed. From aesthetic appeal to practicality, you want to make sure that you’re making the best decision for your situation. Choosing a budget will help you immensely as it gives you a specific amount to work with. Having a budget can also make the whole situation less overwhelming. After deciding on an amount your comfortable spending on a shed, try using our 3D configurator to truly personalize your shed and make the most out of your budget. You can also go to the storage building section of our website to see even more information about Leonard’s sheds and other storage buildings.

Shed Buying Guide

Landscape Drawing

1.Getting Started on Your storage building or shed project

Start by answering this question "How do I plan to use the shed?" It is not always as obvious as it seems. It is worth examining because anticipating all

Shed with dimension drawings

2. Selecting the size of your storage building or shed

When selecting a size for your backyard storage building, there are several questions to ask yourself. Use this list as you start your research

different style of sheds

3. Choosing the best building or shed shape

The shape of the shed will affect the cost, look, usefulness, and possibly the placement. Leonard offers 3 distinct storage building shapes.

diagram of floor construction

4. Understanding Proper Floor construction of storage buildings, sheds

Sturdy pressure treated 4"x6" skids are notched so that the 2”x6” pressure treated joists

interior picture of steel frame shed

5. Steel Frame vs Wood Frame Storage Buildings and Sheds

For most customers, a storage building's frame material is one of the most important decision factors.

vinyl siding of shed

6. Choosing from storage shed siding materials

When it comes to choosing the right siding material for our shed there a number of factors to consider. Do you have an HOA?


cedar shingles on roof

7. Storage Shed and Utility Building Roof Material Options

Leonard offers the widest selection of roofing material in the industry: Standard Shingle, Architectural Shingle, Corrugated Metal, Heavy Duty Metal Panel, and Cedar Shake.

color swatches

8. Choosing the right color(s) for your Storage Building or Shed

The siding and trim material of your storage building or shed will determine the available options for color. Siding materials are broken into four groups

price icon

9. How much does a shed cost?

Sheds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. All of these affect costs in different ways.

10. Why Rent-To-Own Sheds Win every time over Storage Units

We Americans love our stuff. We love activities that involve tools, memorabilia, boats, bikes, holiday decorations, and hobby supplies.

kit vs custom shed

11. Should You Choose a Shed Kit vs A Custom Built Shed from a Manufacture?

Shed kits are quite popular for promising new sheds for an unbeatable price. For just a few hours of work, you can get a great storage building. But is that the best option?

shed being delivered by truck

12. How is a storage building or shed delivered?

Leonard offers FREE Delivery. Your shed will be delivered to your backyard, blocked & leveled, and set up for you to start moving your stuff in simply.


free site check logo

13. Free Site-Check

If you don't think a shed will fit in your backyard. We are here to help.