How To Choose The Right Colors For Your Shed

Chapter 8: How To Choose The Right Colors For Your Shed

The siding and trim material of your storage building or shed will determine the available options for color. Siding materials are broken into four groups:

  1. Painted [Masonite and cement vertical panel board]
  2. Natural Wood [these are painted although usually, they are stained: T1-11, Cedar, and Split Log],
  3. Metal [Leonard offers several different types of metal siding: 2.5" corrugated, heavy-duty ribbed panel, and lap metal]
  4. Vinyl

Each has its own set of color options. Colors shown on-screen are approximations. Every monitor is different.   For more accurate color samples, please visit one of our many stores.

Painted and Natural Wood Color Options

We offer the full line of Sherwin Williams' top quality exterior paints and stains. Choose from our standard range of Sherwin Williams paints, or match your house perfectly by selecting from hundreds of options, or get a custom color mix.

Standard Painted Color Options.

We keep our most popular Sherwin Williams paint colors stocked at all times.
Shed color options
Sherwin Williams painted storage sheds

Unlimited Color Options from Sherwin Williams

In addition to the 18 Sherwin Williams paint colors shown above, you can also choose from the thousands of colors Sherwin Williams offers for a slight upcharge.
color swatches

Natural Wood Stains

We offer a variety of natural wood stains. The stains only apply to T1-11, Cedar, or Split Log siding material. The stained sample on the left is what you will find stocked on our T1-11 sided buildings at our stores most often. We sometimes have a darker / grey toned stain color. Of course, you can custom order a stain color that works best for your location.

Stain Stock Color
stock stain color
Stain Optional (darker)
darker stain color options

metal options for carport

Metal Color Options on Carports

Carports and Enclosed (Garage or Barn) style carports are offered in the color options below. By "carports," we are referring to those structures that are only built-on-site using the larger steel tubing and do not include a floor.
download shed catalog

Metal Color Options for Shed siding and roofs

The Pilot and Pilot SF buildings use this metal color system. While these Leonard storage sheds use similar metal to the carport type structures, the color options differ a bit. Gray & White are the most common colors stocked. This is a heavy duty 29 gauge metal with low ribs. Roof upgrades to metal us these same colors.

color option for shed siding and roof

Vinyl color options

Vinyl Color Options

To look at samples of all materials, please visit one of our stores.

panel-loc diagram of metal

Corrugated Metal Color Options

Discontinued color samples from old style tight corrugated metal on the Convincer series style buildings.

Corrugated metal color options

Shed Buying Guide

Landscape Drawing

1.Getting Started on Your storage building or shed project

Start by answering this question "How do I plan to use the shed?" It is not always as obvious as it seems. It is worth examining because anticipating all

Shed with dimension drawings

2. Selecting the size of your storage building or shed

When selecting a size for your backyard storage building, there are several questions to ask yourself. Use this list as you start your research

different style of sheds

3. Choosing the best building or shed shape

The shape of the shed will affect the cost, look, usefulness, and possibly the placement. Leonard offers 3 distinct storage building shapes.

diagram of floor construction

4. Understanding Proper Floor construction of storage buildings, sheds

Sturdy pressure treated 4"x6" skids are notched so that the 2”x6” pressure treated joists

interior picture of steel frame shed

5. Steel Frame vs Wood Frame Storage Buildings and Sheds

For most customers, a storage building's frame material is one of the most important decision factors.

vinyl siding of shed

6. Choosing from storage shed siding materials

When it comes to choosing the right siding material for our shed there a number of factors to consider. Do you have an HOA?


cedar shingles on roof

7. Storage Shed and Utility Building Roof Material Options

Leonard offers the widest selection of roofing material in the industry: Standard Shingle, Architectural Shingle, Corrugated Metal, Heavy Duty Metal Panel, and Cedar Shake.

color swatches

8. Choosing the right color(s) for your Storage Building or Shed

The siding and trim material of your storage building or shed will determine the available options for color. Siding materials are broken into four groups

price icon

9. How much does a shed cost?

Sheds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. All of these affect costs in different ways.

10. Why Rent-To-Own Sheds Win every time over Storage Units

We Americans love our stuff. We love activities that involve tools, memorabilia, boats, bikes, holiday decorations, and hobby supplies.

kit vs custom shed

11. Should You Choose a Shed Kit vs A Custom Built Shed from a Manufacture?

Shed kits are quite popular for promising new sheds for an unbeatable price. For just a few hours of work, you can get a great storage building. But is that the best option?

shed being delivered by truck

12. How is a storage building or shed delivered?

Leonard offers FREE Delivery. Your shed will be delivered to your backyard, blocked & leveled, and set up for you to start moving your stuff in simply.


free site check logo

13. Free Site-Check

If you don't think a shed will fit in your backyard. We are here to help.

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