SpaceKap Diablo

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SpaceKap Diablo

SpaceKap Diablo


The SpaceKap Diablo offers the largest interior volume available in the industry while being exceedingly aerodynamic. With and interior height of 6’3” all your employees will be able to stand up straight in this utility service body. Natural lighting from our skylights located at the front and standard energy-efficient LED lighting, 40/60 rear doors make the Diablo a benchmark in the industry.

  Diablo 6 Diablo 8
Interior Height 75” 75”
Width on Floor 49.5” 49.5”
Length on Floor 82” 98”
Weight 725 lbs 825 lbs

Standard Features

  • Transferrable
  • 40/60 Rear doors
  • Slam latch system
  • Electric door locks
  • Integrated rain gutter
  • Integrated skylights
  • 12V plug
  • High UV resistant SK-Gelcoat
  • LED Lighting
  • 1/4” Rubber mat
  • Universal design/fit
  • Over 45 years of experience