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LEER 100XQ Fiberglass Truck Cover for Honda Trucks

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LEER Cab-High Pickup Truck Covers

Tackle any terrain with a LEER 100XQ truck cover that provides the storage capacity and sophisticated look you're craving. This cab-high cargo cap lets you pile equipment, luggage, or tools far above the bed rails when you're preparing for an epic adventure. The hard fiberglass material and flip-up weather cover provides full protection from the elements. One-piece twist-out side windows, an interior dome light, a recessed LED brake light, and dark-tint glass are just some of the features that add function to your truck cover. The twist handle lock holds your cover firmly in place on rough roads.

Carry everything you need for work or adventure thanks to these custom truck covers that open up new off-road possibilities. Thanks to the insulated roof and headliner, you can even throw down a mattress for the night or let pets ride comfortably in the back. LEER designs each cover to fit the truck make and model you drive. They then use Axalta automotive paint to color-match the cap. You'll receive a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the cover. Click on the "Fit Your Truck" button to get in touch with a Leonard specialist about ordering our high-quality truck accessories.

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. Truck Accessories Group warrants you, the original retail Purchaser, that for as long as you own your LEER® brand recreational fiberglass truck cap or tonneau cover, installed by an authorized LEER Dealer on the original vehicle, that it will be free from defects in material and workmanship of the fiberglass structural material below the color surface.
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