Cook Portable Warehouses of Kansas City, MO

Cook Portable Warehouses of Kansas City, MO


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End your search for a durable, affordable portable building at Cook Portable Warehouses of Raytown, Missouri.

Cook dealer, Brad Myers, will help you understand all of the benefits of choosing a Cook shed. “I listen and take care of people,” Brad says.

The first thing Brad does when you come to his lot is ask you what you want to accomplish with your shed. That helps him direct you to the sheds that will fit that purpose best.  

Most of those looking for sheds near Kansas City are needing a way to get stuff out of their garage, so they have room for their cars again. Cook sheds are a great storage solution for your motorcycle, lawn mower and other large equipment.  

But, with the high quality and versatility of these sheds, there are a ton of uses!

Many times Brad will direct his customers to loft options such as the Lofted Barn or Utility, because it provides additional overhead storage that so many families discover they need. “I always encourage my customers to go with a shed larger than what they think they’ll need,” Brad explains. He says once you get all of your storage inside, you generally realize you don’t have any room to move around. So, go with a larger shed, and have the space to find what you need, when you need it.  

“I don’t shove anything at them, I’m here to help them as much as they want to be helped,” Brad says.  


Brad has lived in the Raytown, Kansas City area his entire life. When he’s not selling sheds, he loves to tend his garden, knowing he’ll have fresh vegetables all season. One of his favorite snacks is the pickles and ocre he cans himself!

So, if you’re searching for a shed near Kansas City or Raytown, Missouri, stop by to meet Brad! You might even have the chance to sample some of his fresh produce yourself!

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