3 Reasons To Turn Your Leonard Shed Into A Home Gym: The Complete Backyard Workout Building Guide

The Complete Backyard Workout Building Guide

Sick of throwing money down the drain paying for an overpriced gym membership? Tired of waiting in line to use your equipment at the gym? Want a home gym but don’t have space?

Leonard Buildings and Truck Accessories has the solution for you: A backyard workout shed!

Before we go into what a Backyard workout shed is, first, we should talk about why you should want a home gym in the first place. Any person who regularly attends the gym has dreamed about having a home gym, most for even more than just the convenience factor. Before we delve into why a Backyard workout gym is a great idea, we are first going to discuss the top 3 reasons having a home gym is a great idea itself.

You might be thinking, “But I’m already a member of a gym.” In response to this, here are the top 3 reasons why you should want and need a home gym!

The top 3 most significant reasons why you need a home gym:

Good money investment
Custom design

1. Convenience:

Having a workout room right outside of your back door has many perks. Not only would it increase the amount of time you go to the gym for a week but also the amount of time spent working out.

2. Good investment:

The average cost to be members of a gym is over $50 a month. This means that Americans are spending an average of over $600 a year on a membership when this could instead be invested into a home gym. If you purchase quality equipment and materials, your home gym would last years and years instead of spending money on short-term investments.

3. Custom Design:

Particularly for people who enjoy working out a certain way, whether it be primarily cardio, weight training, etc. , by having a home gym, you get to decide exactly the type of workout equipment that you will purchase. You also have the ability to design the space to your liking, whether that be to cover the floor with a certain material, have wall to wall mirrors, or simply to be able to hang your favorite motivational poster.

I am now going to address the original question you likely had when beginning to read this article: that question is “What is a backyard workout building anyways?”. The answer is simple; a backyard workout shed is a home gym that is located in a quality, American-made Leonard Building instead of your home.

For many Americans, having a home gym is much more of a dream than a reality. With the utilization of a Leonard building, a home gym could be your reality!

You might want a Leonard workout shed for many reasons including:

Lack of space in your home
Cost (save money vs. building onto house)

1. Lack of space in your home?:

Have you always wanted a home gym, but your house is not equipped for a home gym? Do you have a backyard or a side yard? If so, the simple solution is a backyard workout shed. This way, you can have the luxury of a home gym without having to move or deal with expensive and lengthy construction time.

2. Privacy/noise:

You might have mentioned to your significant other that you wanted to have a home gym, and they responded by saying that it would simply be too noisy. This is a fair point, especially for a smaller home. The backyard workout shed takes care of this problem by removing the noise from inside the house to outside. If you are very worried about noise, you have the option of moving your shed as far away from your home as possible while still being on your property. This way, there will be no noise complaints. Another great plus of a backyard workout shed is the element of privacy. With a workout shed, you get to escape being cooped up in your home and get to go to your own space.

3. Cost:

If you have ever considered adding on to your house, you know how expensive all of the materials and labor costs are. Purchasing a Leonard Shed is cheaper in almost every circumstance than adding on to a house. In the case that you decide to move houses, it also allows you to have the option to take the shed with you on your move.

Now that we have covered why you need a home gym and why it should be constructed in a Leonard Building, we now need to discuss building options. Leonard has a variety of different building shapes, sizes, and styles to fit your unique taste. Based on various factors, here are the top 3 Leonard building styles that will best suit your needs for a backyard workout building.


When taking into consideration all of the benefits of having a home gym, a backyard workout building, and the ability to place it all in a unique and customizable Leonard building, the answer is clear; Not only do you need a home workout room but a Leonard workout building to meet all of your needs! It is the most practical, cost-effective, and convenient option for just about everyone.

So what are you waiting for?

Fill out an interest form to begin to customize and purchase your own Leonard backyard workout building today!

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