Featured Black Ford F150 With Vertex Coilovers, 20x10 Hostile Jigsaw And AMP Power Steps

Part 1 Black Ford F150 with Vertex Coilovers Rough Country Lift


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Part 2 Black Ford F150 w/ 20x10 Hostile Jigsaw and AMP Power Steps

I wanted to give you part 2 on the big black F150 that we are doing.

We are going to show you the wheels that we did on this truck.

This truck has the Hostile Jigsaw 20 x 10 negative 19 offset paired with the gripper A/T.

These are the fuel tire all terrain. Gives you a 40,000 mile warranty on this tire. Give a nice quite ride. Smooth riding tire and plus on this big truck we had to do something to help this customer get in and out of it. We did the AMP power boards on this. Open the door they drop down. close the door tuck back out of the way so that your truck still has the big large mean stance. Plus you are not tearing up your seats trying to hop in and out of this truck all the time.

Part 3 Of The Black 2018 Ford F150 With Morimoto Headlights And Halo Lights Around The Hostile Wheels

Hey guys, Brandon at Leonard’s here

Finally gonna finish up the big black truck we’ve talked about a couple of times.

It’s been a while, we’ve just had so much stuff rolling on this truck.

It took a little bit to get it done.

If we just step over here, we’ll show you what we got

Gonna start at the front, we’ve got the Morimoto Headlights and foglights, all


Nice replacements, these things are sweet!

When they come on, they have the nice halo lights going all around.

Those are daytime running lights alongside the nice LED foglights

If you come around, we’ve got the Hostile wheels and tires.

Fuel tires, with spiked lug nuts.

We have the rock lights, and wheel rim lights, so this truck’s gonna light the

world up at night.

We installed the Rough Country vertex, coilover reservoir kit on this truck.

Really smooth ride on this truck.