Chicken Coops, Nesting Boxes and Pens

Leonard USA offers chicken coops for sale and delivery in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee. Explore a variety of chicken coop and nesting box styles with options for financing available.

Indulge in fresh eggs and a refreshing, educational hobby with quality chicken houses from Leonard USA.

Purple and white trim chick coop

Traditional or Barn Style Chicken Coops?

Choose the style you love - and choose the Sherwin Williams paint color that complements your house!

Optional add-ons include:
  • Heating lamps
  • Insulated roofs
  • Pull-out litter trays

Small & Large Chicken Houses

4 x 4 chicken houses for up to 6 hens with:
  • Screen ventilation
8 x 10 chicken coops feature:
  • Feed room separate from roosting area
  • Two windows for cross-ventilation
  • Standard vinyl flooring and LP SmartSide® siding
  • Metal or shingle roof

Check out our buying guide!

• Sizes and Number of Chickens for each unit

• Standard Features of each Coop Family

• Photographs of the interior of our coops

Sherwin Williams Paint to match your house

5 x 6 Chicken Coops for Sale

Traditional Style

Leonard Chicken Coops have been designed to make raising chickens fun. This model comes with exterior access to the 6 nesting boxes, a large door on the side, two window openings, wire mesh and shutter doors, and two roosting rails.
Ask about Insulated Roofs, Heating Lamps, and Pull Out Litter Trays. Choose a color combination that works for you and your chickens.
Interior of leonard chicken coop
interior of vinyl flooring in chicken coop
Leonard 5x6 chicken coop

New Barn Style

Our new Mayberry style Chicken Coop comes with exterior access to the 6 nesting boxes, a large door on the side, a chicken door, one window opening, wire mesh and shutters, a rige vent, and two roosting rails.
6 nesting boxes in leonard chicken coop
Leonard Barn style chicken coop

4 x 4 Chicken Coop for Sale

Our smallest Chicken Coops weighs in at 175lbs. Is 59" tall at the peak and has 3 nesting boxes for up to 6 chickens. A 17' x 27" caretaker door, and screen ventilation.
interior of 4x4 chicken coop
3 nesting boxes in 4x4 chicken coop
4x4 chicken coop with shingle roof
Leonard 4x4 chicken coop with door

8 x 10 Chicken Coop for Sale

8x10 red chicken coop with white trim
The 8x10 Chicken Coop by Leonard has a feed room separate from the roosting area. It has two windows and a vent for cross ventilation and a chick door to allow chickens in and out of the protected home. The floor comes standard with vinyl flooring and the siding is LP Smartside. The roof can be metal or shingle.
interior picture showing vinyl floor on 8x10 chicken coop
Interior picture of 8x10 chicken coop with the chicken runs laying down