Spray-On Bedliners

Leonard Spray-On up close - with logo

Most of the 54 Leonard Factory Outlets have spray-in capability. In each of these locations, Leonard has trained technicians with plenty of experience. The spray booths are carefully designed to produce a good-looking and reliable finish. The material creates a near 100% bond to almost all surfaces.  It is environmentally safe, no VOC's or CFC's. The liner will withstand temperatures of up to 350F degrees. It is rugged, skid resistant and can be repaired easily.

  • Leonard Spray-On Technician - Step 1
  • Leonard Spray-On Technician - Step 2
  • Leonard Spray-On Technician - Step 3
  • Leonard Spray-On Technician - Step 4
  • Leonard Spray-On Technician - Step 5

SPRAY-ON Bedliners - Leonard's five step process

Leonard Spray-On Technicians treat your truck with care
[STEP 1] the edges of the bed are skillfully masked
[STEP 2] the entire truck is covered to protect from overspray
[STEP 3] the bed is wiped with a grease and wax remover and then scuffed
[STEP 4] the material is applied using a low pressure system and the material dries quickly
[STEP 5] the masking is removed. While the material dries quickly, it takes 24 - 48 hours before it is ready for heavy use.
  • Leonard Spray-On before shot
  • Leonard Spray-On after shot 1
  • Leonard Spray-On after shot 2

Leonard Spray-On Bedliners vs. Drop-In or Do-it-Your-Self

Features Leonard Spray-On Drop-In DIY
Quality Application Yes N/A Not Always
No lost cargo space Yes Yes Yes
Non-Slip Surface Yes Not Always Not Always
Dent Resistant Yes No No
Prevents Rust And Corrosion Yes No Yes
Available in Different Colors Yes Not Always Not Always
Long-Lasting Yes No No
Consistent, Tough Surface Yes Yes Not Always


Spray On Material Suppliers

Perfect for protecting your most valuable assets from abrasion, corrosion, and impact. Similar to Line-X's XS-100™, our bedliners are made from a user-friendly polyurethane and polyurea formulation that has earned industry respect for its high-performance, long-lasting, and durable qualities protecting truck beds around the Southeast U.S. The bedliner we use was designed with the highest chemical equilibrium in its polymerization network - softness vs. hardness, toughness vs. longevity, durability vs. impact,etc

TuffCoat™ coating is Rhino Linings Corporation™ hardest truck bed lining yet. TuffCoat™ coating is a tough-as-nails truck bed liner at a great value! It is best for surfaces exposed to heavy impact and scratching. The TuffCoat™ bed liner is strong, great-looking, and provides your bed liner with the ultimate protection.